The Importance Of Proper And Accurate Patient Registration Practices

Patient registration sets that tone for not only the patient’s experience, but whether that practice is going to be paid for the exceptional care rendered to that patient. The first element of the Revenue Cycle workflow starts with the patient registration process. If anything is omitted, incorrect information given or entered incorrectly, the Revenue Cycle […]

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Credentialing 101

Insurance credentialing can be a confusing and lengthy process that will leave you frustrated. Unfortunately, you don’t get paid by third-party payers unless you are credentialed and have a contract in place. It’s important to understand what credentialing is and what it is not. Credentialing is the process third-party payers use to evaluate your qualifications

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Patient Debt: Create A Plan Your Practice Can Tolerate

It’s not a surprise to many—practice owners, patients, and providers—that the cost of healthcare has increased drastically in the past several years. While the actual rates for specific services billed might not have changed significantly, the out of pocket cost to patients (deductibles and after-insurance responsibility) has increased by over 30% since 2015. According to

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Clarify Incident-to Billing

If your practice is like many others, you are likely staffing with a majority of mid-level providers. The reason for doing so may encompass several scenarios, such as difficulties in finding and attracting physicians to lower staffing costs of operations. One thing is certain, electing staff with nurse practitioners or physician assistants brings certain challenges

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Top kpis to monitor monthly

This month we are providing organizations with various KPIs that will assist your organization with monitoring the financial health of your business.  We are discussing average revenue per visit, front desk collection average, ancillary revenue per visit, and E/M code distribution as well as how all of these affect your practice. Average Revenue Per Visit –

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Keeping A Healthy AR

What should my A/R balance look like? Why are we not collecting all our A/R? Typically, when speaking with a client, these are the most common questions I’m asked. You should be getting an A/R balance sheet that shows your monthly A/R and what it looks like at least once a month. Whenever you look at your

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