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Why Medical Practice Success

MPS is unique because we believe that the future of healthcare revenue cycle management optimization is rapidly changing and organizations cannot continue throwing bodies at the problem.

MPS has developed strategic long-term partnerships with organizations who have World Class products that understand that MPS was not looking for a partner who could be the next best selling AI tool but a partner who can solve the problem that our clients are facing. Our strategy for revenue cycle management is to evaluate each organizations needs individually to ensure that we understand what the best solution for their environment would potentially be. Ensuring that the client has truly identified what problem they are trying to solve is where we are able to make a difference.

Full Solutions Tailored to You

We focus on delivering revenue cycle management solutions tailored to our client’s specific organization needs. Our laser-focused strategy on operational efficiency and client relationship management is what makes MPS different from other organization. Optimize your profit margin. Our services are designed to eliminate the need to hire and manage coders, billers, AR follow-up and cash posting reps by leveraging our team of experts. From Hospital Emergency Room Coding, Claim Follow-Up and Payment Posting to Orthopedic Surgical centers that need help with Coding and Billing anything from spine surgery to anesthesia, we have the technology and capabilities to take care of your needs. Regardless of what EMR is utilized, our proprietary billing software allows us to leverage scale with a global team of dedicated RCM experts.

With our service, you can:

  • Eliminate the need to hire, train and retain revenue cycle management staff
  • Have the flexibility to retain specific RCM processes if required
  • Reduce expenses and maximize revenue by leveraging a global operating model

End to End Revenue Cycle Management


Access To Care​

Patient Scheduling
​ Authorizations
Appointment Reminders​
Insurance Verification

Care to Claim

Charge Capture​​
/CDI Management​​
CDM Review​​
DNFB Monitoring​
​ Claim Scrubbing​



Claim to Payment

Appeals and Denial
Management ​
Payment Reconciliation​
Patient Billing​
Customer Service

Payment to Analytics

Revenue Integrity​​
Payment Variance Analysis​​
Transfer DRG Review​​
Payor Scorecard​​
Value Based Care



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At a high level, a typical CDI program includes many components such as data analysis…..

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Operational and
Workflow Assessments

Do you consider yourself operating at maximum efficiency?  If not, we can help. At Medical Practice Success…..

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Patient experience spans more than just one visit to a provider, just as patient satisfaction

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Once referred to as “revenue optimization,” the term revenue integrity is…. 

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AI Integrations

AI sounds like a really cool idea and even a necessity for many organizations but actually ….

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BOT Development

Robotic Process Automation is the newest buzz word for some in the Revenue Cycle world……

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Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Analytics is a multi-view approach to all of your data 

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Business Intelligence

Healthcare accounts for 30% of all data generated globally. Despite an explosion of research…..

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Revenue Cycle

We maximize the output of your operations by managing your resources and streamlining your assets. This enables you to reduce overhead costs in your daily operations.

Data Analytics and
Operational Insight

Technology efficiency we utilize a combination of proprietary technologies and services to structure a seamless flow of critical patient data and financial information throughout your organization

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Cloud Based Revenue Cycle Management

The move toward cloud-based revenue cycle management is a transformative step in the healthcare industry, marking a shift in how providers manage and streamline their financial operations. Using new technology isn’t enough. We need to use it well to save money, work better, increase profits, and give patients a better experience.

​Beyond the cost and scalability advantages, cloud-based RCM systems offer the benefit of real-time data access and seamless integration with other systems. This leads to improved data integrity, reduced duplication, and ultimately, better decision-making and patient care. The ability to automate various aspects of the revenue cycle process, from patient registration to billing, further enhances efficiency and accuracy, freeing up staff to focus on patient-centric tasks.

A Strategic Approach to
Care pathway Management

Coordinated solutions That Drive holistic Resutls

High Out of Pocket Expenses to Patient

Treatment plans developed when a patient is in an exacerbated state are always at a higher cost.

Patient Frustration Leads to Non-Compliance

When patients are unable to receive timely treatment or feel like they are more than a number they give up and are a higher risk factor.

Poor Member Experience and Low Satisfaction Score

The patient felt that they had no choices, providers and payors did not care about them as a person and only cared about their numbers.

A purple and pink diamond with the word challenges in front of it.

Advanced Predictive

Claims and member data assist to identify when a patient could be going into an exacerbation where an outreach opportunity exists.

On-Time Intervention (The Human Touch)

Patient engagement is activated based on patient preferences with clinical team to recommend preventive actions and quick care options.

Optimal Results

Patient agreed to the treatment plan, completed the treatments and pain greatly reduced which removed surgical intervention. Lower out of pocket, better health outcome/patient experience and ability to continue analyzing data for future member experience/treatment options.

Success Story

​ An Orthopedic center generated a high volume of referrals, yet they continued to experience a decrease in revenue and profit margins. This greatly hampered their ability to grow their patient load and footprint within the surrounding community. They felt that they were just not generating enough referrals.

​ MPS evaluated the practice by auditing the financials, revealing critical cash leaks and pinpointing inefficiencies.

​ After the evaluation, the MPS team implemented revenue cycle management processes which including front office charge capture, coding and receivables management activities that supported the overall organizations strategies, referral tracking and management, as well as authorization and benefit validation prior to time of service.​

Additionally, MPS recommended expanding the practice’s service line, assisted with renegotiating some outdated vendor agreements, identified unnecessary waste, and reduced material costs overall.

A 30% increase in revenue as well as a significant reduction in operational costs. The Center achieved a 135% increase in revenue in 16 months and grew their inbound referral base by an additional 36%.
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What our
customers say

Dr. P
Owner of Multiple Urgent Care Centers, New Jersey
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I want to provide a glowing reference for your exceptional expertise as a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Medical Billing Organization. I have had the pleasure of working closely with MPS and experiencing firsthand the outstanding ser Rvices you offer.....
Patrick and Linda
Multi Site Urgent Care Organization in North Carolina
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Our Urgent Care switched to MPS from another billing company, and we could not be happier or more relieved that we did. Our previous company left us in a mess after the pandemic and it has taken the team at MPS almost a year to clean up their mess, but they have done so ....
S. Moody
CFO PMPediatrics
Read More
Wanted to share our appreciation for helping is modify and modernize our Revenue Cycle system as well as for your Revenue Cycle consulting services. With our system changes, new RCM leader onboarding, and COVID hitting us all at one time, we were struggling but your ...
R. Tessen
Read More
I just wanted to share how pleased we are with your organization and the training program that you delivered to our Front Line Registration team. The team members who participated in the training performed by Ms Calvaruso were highly engaged, felt that she was talking to them at their level (even though some were from the hospital and some from provider offices).....