AI Integration

AI sounds like a really cool idea and even a necessity for many organizations but actually implementing an AI product that can drive innovation and change can be quite daunting.  According to 2020 article by Change Healthcare titled Poised to Transform: AI in the Revenue Cycle, 65% of the respondents of the study stated that they had some form of AI already in place but not in the Revenue Cycle however 98% of healthcare leaders stated that they anticipate having AI in the RCM in some form by 2023.  The target areas were improved patient and payer payments, eligibility/benefits verification, patient payment estimation and really moving into more complex items such as prior authorization, payment amount / timing estimations, and extensive denial management. 

A robot touching another hand with a light bulb in the middle.

As we get into the tail end of 2023 many organizations have not achieved the goals stated above.  Some were due to post covid issues such as limited financial resources for projects, staffing issues, vendor deliverables, etc. 

Medical Practice Success has the resources that work with organizations who deliver both technology and talent to every project.  We spend the time to truly understand the client’s vision whether it is streamlining cost efficiencies, enhancing patient satisfaction, or addressing business challenges.  We believe in engaging stakeholders in each stage of the implementation process as this is what will drive the cultural shift of your technology transformation.   

Although AI has been labeled as a ‘disruptor’ if done right, it can also be an ‘enabler’ in Revenue Cycle Management.