Care Pathway Management

Care Pathway Management

The paradigm shift towards consumerism and the era of value-based care has fostered healthcare organizations across the globe to design patient-centric solutions that simplify healthcare experiences. 

Automated care coordination solutions are proven to drive holistic results by improving the clinical, operational and financial efficiencies of a healthcare system. Studies indicate that many Hospitals and Practices still resort to manual ways of care pathway management—impacting the productivity and efficiency of an organization.

Medical Practice Success has a solution that assists your organization in Accelerating you Clinical, Operational, and Financial performance.

A Strategic Approach to
Care pathway Management

Coordinated solutions That Drive holistic Resutls

High Out of Pocket Expenses to Patient

Treatment plans developed when a patient is in an exacerbated state are always at a higher cost.

Patient Frustration Leads to Non-Compliance

When patients are unable to receive timely treatment or feel like they are more than a number they give up and are a higher risk factor.

Poor Member Experience and Low Satisfaction Score

The patient felt that they had no choices, providers and payors did not care about them as a person and only cared about their numbers.

A purple and pink diamond with the word challenges in front of it.

Advanced Predictive

Claims and member data assist to identify when a patient could be going into an exacerbation where an outreach opportunity exists.

On-Time Intervention (The Human Touch)

Patient engagement is activated based on patient preferences with clinical team to recommend preventive actions and quick care options.

Optimal Results

Patient agreed to the treatment plan, completed the treatments and pain greatly reduced which removed surgical intervention. Lower out of pocket, better health outcome/patient experience and ability to continue analyzing data for future member experience/treatment options.

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Care Pathway
Management Platform

Without having a 360-degree view of patients’ critical health data, organizations are not able to fully achieve a holistic approach to patient management solutions where you can achieve sustainable results. Using our Care Pathway Management Platform (CPM), hospitals and practices can quickly replace manual tasks and streamline care coordination across multiple teams, allocating the right resource needed for each patient. From real-time patient reported data to seamless integration with EHRs and other platforms, you can get a comprehensive view of patient health information to improve patient care and outcomes.

Our patient engagement platform is trusted by 450+ Hospitals, 3500+ Physicians and millions of patients worldwide. To learn more about how organizations can leverage our care coordination platform to transform patient experiences.