Who We Serve

Health Systems

  • Improving coordination between different locations and systems

  • Leveraging economies of scale to negotiate better rates with payers

  • Sharing best practices across the system

  • + everything in Hospitals (below)


  • Increasing revenue by improving billing accuracy, reducing denials, and collecting payments faster

  • Reducing costs by improving efficiency, eliminating waste, and automating manual processes

  • Improving cash flow by collecting payments faster and reducing the amount of time it takes to get paid

  • Enhancing the patient experience by providing accurate and timely billing information, resolving billing issues quickly, and making it easy for patients to pay

Physician Groups

  • Improving billing accuracy and reducing denials

  • Collecting payments faster

  • Reducing administrative burden on staff

  • Freeing up time for physicians to focus on patient care

Urgent Care Clinics

  • Improving billing efficiency

  • Reducing denials

  • Collecting payments more quickly

  • Improving patient satisfaction