Urgent Care RCM

Post Covid, the urgent care landscape looks very different than it did in 2019. Patient behavior has changed, economic impacts have hit many operators very hard, payors continue to try to fit all UCC’s into a cookie cutter model with their reimbursement offerings and have elongated the Credentialing and Contracting process which has caused disastrous results for many organizations trying to break into the Urgent Care market. 

And most importantly, how people decide whether to seek medical care has changed. Old benchmarks are no longer relevant for measuring success. Patient management is tough. And with more patients, it gets tougher, even with adequate manpower. And for this, it is necessary to involve a partner who understands the unique needs of urgent care revenue cycle management. 

A person holding a stethoscope in front of their face.

Having a strategic partner will help Urgent Care services to focus on improving what’s important- patient care. With greater utilization of effective tools, the number of patients per hour increases, which thereby leads to enhanced revenue and reduced wait time. 

This will mean that patients are satisfied with the service delivery, bringing in more future business through elevated reviews.

Let us see an overview of what an ideal strategic partner must do:

  • Meet the unique Urgent Care requirements.
  • Assist with developing strategic marketing insights based on generational segmentation.
  • Bring in futuristic innovations that provides solutions and fresh ideas.
  • Streamline the RCM.
  • Understand your organizations goals and collaboratively develop a realistic approach so that everyone is aligned.
  • Serve as the most trusted partner.

Medical Practice Success is a part of your team from day 1 and strives to help you succeed not only in your urgent care’s revenue cycle management (RCM) needs, but as a business. Our expertise and extensive knowledge lie in medical billing, medical coding, credentialing, eligibility verification, and prior authorization. We help organizations gain opportunities for enhanced revenue stream and allow you more time to focus on improving patient care and management.


Let’s work together to create a seamless and profitable revenue cycle experience for your urgent care center.